Course Information

for Imaging Sciences Department


Bridge Level Imaging Coursework Completed (BSISBR)


Advanced Breast Imaging (IMAG322)


This advanced imaging course explores a variety of diagnostic imaging techniques as they relate to breast imaging. This class will focus on modalities such as Mammography, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and Sonography. Each imaging technique will be discussed and correlated to breast imaging.

Organizational Behavior & Management (IMAG410)


This course will focus on gaining strategic management skills in the Imaging Department. Students will research ways to improve business relationships by applying practical conflict resolutions strategies. It will emphasize an ethical approach to negotiation for mutual gains.

Risk Management, Quality & Safety in Imaging (IMAG425)


This course addresses liability in health care specific to Imaging such as malpractice, ALARA and quality assurance. Focuses on using a proactive approach to improving patient safety and quality through clinical analytics, evidence-based practices and adoption.

Interdisciplinary Leadership in Imaging (IMAG450)


This course provides a working knowledge of the functionality of multi-modality departments. Topics will include interdisciplinary communication efforts, team engagement, workflow and project management.