Screening for Medical Disorders (PHTH814C)


Course Memo

This course explores the physical therapists role as an interdependent practitioner working within a collaborative medical model. Students learn to recognize clinical manifestations that suggest that physician contact or referral is warranted regarding a clients health status. The course presents the clinical tools and decision-making processes necessary to efficiently and effectively collect and evaluate patient examination data. This course provides an overview of diagnostic imaging as it relates to the practice of physical therapy. Students review images and describe normal and abnormal findings, to enhance understanding of strengths and limitations of various imaging modalities, pathological processes, interpretation of clinical examination findings, and development of safe and effective patient plans of care. Cases are presented to facilitate making appropriate patient referrals for imaging modalities (plain film radiography, MRI, CT Scan, and Bone scan) for commonly seen populations. Students analyze case scenarios to develop logical and effective clinical pathways.