Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Practicum V (DNAP815)


Course Memo

During this practicum course, students are provided with clinical experiences an average of four days per week, for complex patients across the lifespan and critically ill populations. These experiences build on those skills accomplished in previous Clinical Practica. Additionally, to assist in the transition from the student role to that of a full contributing member of the anesthesia care team, students in good standing may also be provided with more independence in their clinical experiences, whereby they are supervised on a 1:2 preceptor to student ratio by preceptors who are immediately available in all clinical areas. At no time is the supervision ratio to exceed two students to one preceptor. Supervisory ratios are decided by the clinical preceptors and program faculty in light of the level of the student, complexity of the case, anesthetic plan, surgical procedure, and experience of the preceptor, and will represent a conservative approach when considering increasing the supervision ratios. The objectives are to move from "Competent” in Clinical Practicum V to at least "Proficient" by Clinical Practicicum VI & VII.