Patient/Client Management IV: Biophysical Agents (PHTH810C)


Course Memo

This course presents the fundamental principles, physiological effects, indications and contraindications, application techniques, and clinical reasoning regarding use of biophysical agents. Biophysical agents included are: NMES, FES, TENS, biofeedback, electrotherapy for tissue healing, iontophoresis thermotherapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound, hydrotherapy, mechanical traction, and compression. Manual modalities including instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques, myofascial and trigger point release are also introduced. Principles of electrophysiological examination and assessment are included. Discussion and laboratory activities allow the demonstration and application of the fundamental clinical reasoning, clinical thinking and intervention skills for application of biophysical agents.

Course Section Description

Lectures will be online. Labs will be face-to-face on campus. Please see instructor for dates and times.