Community Health Nursing (NURS440)


Prerequisite Courses

Co-Requisite Courses

Course Memo

This course focuses on the health of the population as a whole in a variety of public and private settings, and includes disease prevention, health promotion, health protection, and education on primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care. Interventions are based to effect changes in a multicultural society. The course describes the historical and current status of the healthcare delivery system and nursing practice in the community. It emphasizes and addresses the specific issues and societal concerns that affect nursing practice in the community. It analyzes conceptual frameworks applied to nursing practice in the community, selected models from nursing and related sciences. This course also examines the management of healthcare and select community environments (Community Assessment Project), as well as issues related to managing and evaluating cases, needs, programs, disasters, and groups in the community. The course discusses risk factors and problems for individuals and families throughout the life span. To meet the demands of a constantly changing healthcare system, the student must be able to understand the importance of involving consumers in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of healthcare efforts. This course examines diversity in the role of nurses in the community and describes the rapidly changing roles, functions, and practice settings. The course includes four (4) credit hours of theory (60 clock-hours) and one (1) credit hour of clinical (45 clock-hours).